TAG Electronic was established in 1992 to serve the needs of the Automotive Electronic market. It was born from the founders’ passion for what is now the company sole area of activity, the electronic injection and the reprogramming of the ECU (Engine Control Unit).

TAG Electronic has always endeavored improving commercial car engines performances and, throughout the years, has actively been involved in electronic setups at several car races (RALLY-GT FIA-GT OPEN-ALMS-).

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At the prestigious annual Daytona race of 2008 TAG Electronic won the first rank category with a Ferrari F430.

At the various European GT Races, TAG Electronic was present, providing the different teams with high performance motors control units, ending up obtaining fabulous results.

Always abreast with the latest technologies, constantly improving its solutions, TAG Electronic distinguishes itself from its competitors by its first in class quality of its interventions, especially on cars of the latest generation.

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Since 1992, TAG Electronic has developed mappings for over 15’000 vehicles (cars, motorcycles, campers and trucks).

Restricting its mission to the electronics, TAG Electronic has acquired a large experience in this area in the automobile market.

As a result of its strategy in this respect, TAG Electronic has already developed the required mappings for the newest models of vehicles, improving considerably their performances and consumption rate. It has to be highlighted, in this period of extremely high petrol cost, the mapping of the ECU - chip tuning - resulting in a considerable fuel consumption reduction.

TAG Electronic does not install, as technical choice, additional electronic units which may be incompatible with the original electronic injection system. Therefore, in case of non-reprogrammable electronic units, we prefer to abstain from any intervention, unless a complete substitution of the electronic injection system can be considered.

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TAG Electronic deals directly with each vehicle. Every mapping is developed and programmed by TAG Electronic. We do not use external companies who provide standard mappings. As a result, the remapping reflects high standard of quality and performance.

Several modern commercial cars, (in particular diesel versions) can be serially programmed (using the EOBD connector), and therefore this frequently leads to confusion. Many people believe that the serial programming is better than the traditional programming. While the end result remains the same, the substantial difference resides in the method used to reprogram the electronic unit and the time taken for the operation.

Currently, the serial programming of new generation vehicles is becoming very complex; the new injection systems developed by car manufacturers have now several anti-hacker protections, thus increasing the difficulty of the reprogramming of the unit. It is necessary to adapt to the new technologies and use reliable “protocols”, which guarantee the safeguarding of the original characteristics of the engine control unit.

It has to be noted that the evolution of the modern injection systems has prompted the development of very complex exhaust systems and consequently, softwares are becoming more difficult to be modified. Most diesel cars are equipped with Diesel Particulate Filters (DPF) and gasoline engines now have multi layer Catalytic Converters (Catcon). These exhaust systems require rather poor fuel blending and excesses can easily push injection systems to go into Recovery mode. Only well designed and thoroughly tested softwares can guarantee efficiency and reliability. This is the reason why it is necessary to be continuously prepared and alert to the latest technological solutions that the automobile market, in constantly shorter times, keeps on offering.

TAG Electronic uses the most recent technologies currently available on the market in order to offer to its customers a reliable product which respects the original guarantees of the vehicle. Mappings have been developed for the most recent vehicles brought to the market such as the new Bmw M3 V8, M5 V10, Audi R8, RS6, RS8, Porsche 997 GT2 RS, Panamera Turbo my 2011. Particular attentions have been reserved to the cars of the “Cavallino Rampante”, the Ferrari icon. For the new Ferrari FF TAG Electronic has developed an exceptional mapping which yet highlights the sports and unique character of this incredible car.

Only those who have made of the electronics their only working mission can guarantee such excellence and reliability.

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